Stories and science fiction

An interactive workshop in the field of stories and science fiction for the 9-12 age groups was carried out for 5 days from February 28 to March 4, where participants learned about the meaning of short stories, their importance and components, and the basics of writing the story in waysScientific under the supervision of Dr. Wafa Al Shamsia, and then there was room to inform the participants about the story of “Fahim and his friend Data” and an opportunity for applicationPractical in writing, and then evaluating them and selecting the top 3 stories shared by participants.In turn, it contributed to the development of the skills of participants in the field of writing, expanded their cognitive imagination, provided an opportunity to analyze some of the participants’ beloved stories, and to clarify the area of data they contain.

Winner in level one (write a short story)

♥️ the house saddle♥️

*I miss my grandmother and her stories so much when she goes to my aunt’s house we wait days and days to come back to us.My good-hearted grandmother loves us and asks about us, but she never likes to be alone.

And I’ll tell you one situation to tell you that grandmothers hate loneliness.Then we all dispersed, I took my story to read in it, and my brother went to play with his game while my mother went to clean the kitchen after my grandmother gave her medicine to go to sleep and suddenly while we were all busy with his work, we heard my grandmother’s voice angrily calling us where are you, where are you? Why did you leave me alone?!!?

So each of us left his work so we went to it in a hurry and each of us asks what happened to you and she replied / You do not want me with you that you leave me alone I do not like to live with you so my sister and I kept crying a lot we love my grandmother and we do not want her to leave us but we sometimes have to leave her to do other work so that our grandmother does not feel bored at all when we get busy with her which is to give her a small radio listening to when we are busy with her but my grandmother

She never liked the gift because she didn’t hear what he said.

I was so sad, my grandmother heard her weak, but my brothers and I would not give up and thought in another way to enjoy her time listening to the Holy Quran, which is to give her headphones to strengthen her hearing and i was really happy with the new gift and my grandmother loved her so much and became happy with us.

May God save my grandmother and prolong her age, it is a blessing for our house and happiness for our family so be with her that she is the light of the house and his saddle


Al Zahra Bint Nasser bin Ali Al-Rabkha (Age: 10 years)

Program your game through Scratch

In the scope of the integration of education and training, the Academy implemented the workshop “Program your game through scratch program” for groups aged 10 to 13 years, for four consecutive days from April 4 to April 7, where the workshop aims to let participants know the importance of data, and then get to know the program scratch, and applyAn interactive game set under the guidance and supervision of a specialist in the field.The workshop produced a series of participants’ work during the workshop period, evaluated by the trainer and developed in a distinct way.

Of course, you can learn about all the content of the workshop and acquire the target skills by visiting the tutorials page and then choosing “Data Science for Juniors Level II/Full Package” and you can contact us in case you have any difficulty or enquiry, and we are happy to evaluate you for the lesson

Hanin Mohammed Al Hanai
Creative Programming Hanin
Hawra Mohammed Al Henai
Creative Programming Hawra

Basics of scratch program

Based on the advancement in the field of education witnessed by the world, including significant technical progress, the Academy on MondayApril 12th from the presentation of a specialized workshop for teachers of the School of ExcellenceBasic education under the title: “The Basics of The Skarach Program” to learn sequentially about the Skarach program, including: guidance in downloading the program, learning the basics of its work, and the way to control the various icons in the programs.The workshop produced a beautiful interaction of the teachers involved in presenting some inquiries, opinions and proposals aimed at developing and expanding knowledge.

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