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Machine Learning Workshop (level two)

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Course Overview

Target group:

14-17 years

About the course:

Machine learning is making machines program themselves to perform tasks without programming them directly, and because machine learning is the latest concepts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and artificial intelligence; The “first level” machine learning curriculum has been prepared in proportion to the age group. This curriculum contains the concept of machine learning, the difference between traditional programming and machine learning, and explains the importance of machine learning and some of its applications, the concept of image classification in machine learning, as well as applications to the concepts of machine learning. Machine learning using Scratch.


    Introducing the areas of the fourth industrial revolution
    Qualifying young people with artificial intelligence skills and its applications
    Gain programming skills as a future language

Course Outcomes:

    Gain self-confidence and constructive thinking.
    Future skills in the field of the fourth industrial revolution.

Course requirement:


Recommendations for more workshops:

Artificial intelligence - the smart city.


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