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Introduction to Data Science 3

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Course Overview

Target group: Age groups from (14-17) years Interested in learning the basics of data science?

About the course: In this lesson, he will learn about data science, different methods of collecting data, and ways of representing it, as well as measures of central tendency in describing data.

Goals: Inculcating different and multiple ways in education that seek to achieve self-education, and continuing education.

Consolidating many of the participants' mental skills, and giving them the opportunity to discover their skills in this field.

Giving the participants the opportunity to draw prosperous future plans for their upcoming educational career.

Course Outcomes: Acquisition of mental skills in the field of mathematics and statistics in a creative and striking way.

Gain self-confidence and constructive thinking.

The formation of a social personality, tend to merge with different personalities.

Gain future skills.


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