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Data and Thought Journey

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Course Overview

Target group:

The first category is from 7 years old to 9 years old

The second category is from 10 years old to 16 years old

About the lesson:

The idea of ​​an education and entertainment camp comes to raise awareness of the importance of data and its role in developing the mental and cognitive skills of the next generation. The camp also aims to integrate future skills in various aspects that integrate fun with education. The camp is a series of training workshops, which the participant passes through according to a clear timetable for each age group, and under the supervision of specialists in each field. The camp seeks to develop and invest the skills accomplished by the participants and develop them as products that join the Data Academy platform.


Awareness of the importance of data.

Acquisition of mental skills in the field of constructive thinking.

Develop the skill of science fiction and logical thinking.

Teamwork spirit.

Develop leadership and decision-making skills.

Course Outcomes:

Various cognitive skills that help the participant to think logically and solve problems. All participants' work and achievements are uploaded to the Data Academy platform. Businesses can be developed and converted into products (drawings, stories, dolls), and offered for sale through the Academy Store.

Lesson requirement:

There is no

Recommendations for more workshops:

artificial intelligence workshop


Course Circullum

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